Bringing a New Kitten into a Home with Cats

Bringing a New Kitten into a Home with Cats

  • Choose A Labrador Retriever Puppy To Add As A Family Pet

    If a pet is desired by you, your spouse, and your youngsters and you are trying to decide upon an animal type and breed that you will all be happy with, maybe you would like to learn about the personalities of Labrador retrievers and what you will need to keep your pet happy and protected. The Labrador retriever is a very popular dog breed. This type of dog is known for its loyalty, ability to learn commands, and playful demeanor.

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    Parrots are intelligent and engaging pets that need hours of attention every day. When an emergency leaves your schedule changed for a few weeks and you can't keep such a close eye on your high demand pet, you may come home one evening to find your parrot is missing most or all of its feathers. Play the role of a pet detective to discover why your bird is yanking out its feathers so you can solve the problem and restore their health.

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Bringing a New Kitten into a Home with Cats

Hi! My name is Lisa Caldwell, and I often refer to myself as the cat lady. My husband isn’t as proud of that title as I am. Oh, he loves our cats. It’s just that every time he says no more cats, it seems I find a poor little kitten stranded in the snow or wandering the streets. We have a nineteen-year-old cat, a twelve-year-old, and three cats under the age of two. Each one has been rescued or came from the local Humane Society. We also have an eighty-five pound dog who thinks he’s one of the cats. I never bring a new kitten into the house and just toss them into the mix. I have a particular method of introducing a new pet into the household. I am going to share how this works, also how we feed and care for new kittens. Enjoy!